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Hi Im new and some friends would be nice.

Posted Jul 28, '13 at 5:37pm



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Hi! Im not THAT new

2 posts? new.

Anyways..Welcome to the forums. Hang around here and I guarantee you will make some friends. And if you ever wanna chat..feel free to leave me a message on my page.

Posted Aug 8, '13 at 4:58pm



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Hello Cat lover, I liek cats. And dogs. And ducks. And whales. And gay politic aliens. Ad friends? Sure, ad me I ad you. My friend list would be updated to the newest version. I see you got ''some'' friends so I don't need to explain how to ad friends.


Posted Aug 8, '13 at 10:56pm



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I'll like some friends... so I will add you...!

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