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okay i keep forgetting how to do this because i get of AG for a long time and don't get back on anyways what i forgot was how to make a link show up as this ----> youtube


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okay i keep forgetting how to do this

Well, you managed above, didn't you?

In your post, before submitting, highlight the bit of text to be linked, then press the "link" button on top of the little posting screen; a little window pops up where you an add the link. Hit OK, and that's it.*

You'll now see that bit of text wrapped in a code at beginning and end. (If I repeat it here, it would probably not show up as the code, but rather produce a faulty hyperlink instead, LOL )** Manually adding that code, instead, will also work: Same thing, indeed. Note the code repeated at end starts with a slash /, signalling the end of that code to be used.

* One note: I think hyperlinks within quotes tend to break here, I don't know why. I do think it explains a lot of instances of faulty links being provided by members here.

** Check also the Guide to ArmorGames Super-Sticky V2, note its section "{11} All about HTML code," and check out the other thread linked to there, [GUIDE] BB Code Guide v4.1. The codes in full do get given there.
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