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okay i keep forgetting how to do this because i get of AG for a long time and don't get back on anyways what i forgot was how to make a link show up as   this ----> youtube


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okay i keep forgetting how to do this

Well, you managed above, didn't you? :)

In your post, before submitting, highlight the bit of text to be linked, then press the "link" button on top of the little posting screen; a little window pops up where you an add the link. Hit OK, and that's it.*

You'll now see that bit of text wrapped in a code at beginning and end. (If I repeat it here, it would probably not show up as the code, but rather produce a faulty hyperlink instead, LOL ;) )** Manually adding that code, instead, will also work: Same thing, indeed. Note the code repeated at end starts with a slash /, signalling the end of that code to be used.

* One note: I think hyperlinks within quotes tend to break here, I don't know why. I do think it explains a lot of instances of faulty links being provided by members here.

** Check also the Guide to ArmorGames Super-Sticky V2, note its section "{11} All about HTML code," and check out the other thread linked to there, [GUIDE] BB Code Guide v4.1. The codes in full do get given there.

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