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Become enraged about famous people you hate. NO FLAMING!

Posted Jul 26, '13 at 11:58am



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This is probably going to get taken down pretty quickly if it becomes a flame war. This is why these rules must be followed:
1. Intelligent criticism only. (e.g. don't say "I don't like him because he's bad)
2. Don't make reactionary comments about other's opinions. They have a right to think that, and probably have good reasons. Persuade them you are right in a constructive way.

So now to say my bit. I. Absolutely. HATE. Pewdiepie. For a start, he is actually a highly person. Instead of acting like one he insists on acting stupidly, screaming loudly, talking in a stupid voice, and swearing 300 times in a sentence. For some inexplicable reason this gets praise heaped upon him by hordes of adoring fans. Now I think about it, it's not so much Pewdiepie himself that I hate. It's his fans. They fawn over him as if he's some sort of deity when there are hundreds of more talented people on youtube, send him hundreds of gifts, and if anyone does a video in a similar style, they will act like he has in some way hurt them personally.


Posted Aug 1, '13 at 10:59pm



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I don't see a way for this thread to be constructive, and can only serve to start arguments.

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