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Game ideas for "Last Stand: Dead Zone"

Posted Jul 29, '13 at 1:16am



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Yes, I know Con Artist has their own forums but i've been waiting for my account to be "validated" for a week so here are my ideas for improving the game:

* Weapons Bench: When mousing over weapons which are craft-able on the Weapons Bench, perhaps having a mouse-over pop up tooltip which shows what classes are Specialized in that weapon may help. So the player knows which weapons are best for which Survivor Class.

* View Survivor Screen: The same thing for when the player mouses over which Survivor Class a survivor is. a mouse over tooltip pop up which displays which weapons they are specialized in may be a good idea. That way they can mouse over the Survivor's class in the View Survivor screen and see which weapons that Survivor class is specialized in.

* Hot keys for combat:When getting swarmed by enemies (zombies or other survivors in PVP) it may be quicker to have a hotkey (on the keyboard numbers 1 through 0) assigned to each survivor. That way the player can just click the hotkey. Instead of moving to the Survivor's picture, moving back to the map to move the character, moving the mouse yet again to another Survivor's picture, back to the map etc. It would mean less scrolling and faster moving. Hotkey, click on the map, hotkey, click on the map.

* Safe Zone:Perhaps a "all back to the Safe Zone" button may be a good idea. One click and the all the survivors move back to the safe zone. That'd be quicker than selecting each individual survivor and issuing individual move commands to get back to the safe zone. What if there are two? Then whichever survivor whose portrait is the first in line (from left to right) moves to the closest safe zone and all of the other survivors follow. That way one won't move to one safe zone (like on a Street) and the rest to another Safe Zone.

I have emailed both info@conartist and forums@conartist and there has been no response. So I put the ideas here.


Posted Jul 29, '13 at 1:19am



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Also, perhaps basic commands so if your Recon or Scavenger has a melee weapon (to conserve ammo use when on missions), you can press an instruction button for them to not rush zombies head on. Like "wait" or "don't engage".

Instead of them rushing into a pack of zombies and getting mauled.

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