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[Answered] Problem with Flash Element TD 2 game

Posted Aug 3, '13 at 9:16pm



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It never loads.


Posted Aug 4, '13 at 4:27am



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it is also not working for me.

This could mean 1 or 2 different things are wrong.
1). We are both using the same internet browser (im using google chrome) and for some reason it does not work on chrome.
2). there is an issue on the websites hosting of the game which needs to be looked at by administration. You could message them directly, or i'm sure eventually they will read and answer this more definitively than i have.


Posted Aug 4, '13 at 5:17am



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It ain't working for me, either; not in Firefox, nor in it with all add-ons disabled; nor in Internet Explorer with no add-ons whatsoever.

Must be one of those glitches; or maybe that's the flash element of the game...


Posted Aug 5, '13 at 5:50pm



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I'm going to disable this game, I think it's been broken before - we've been unable to get working.

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