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[Answered] How to restart/delete a game

Posted Aug 6, '13 at 4:51am



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I'd like to know how i can delete or restart a game i've already played a while.

Alternatively how to delete my account would be nice to know.



Posted Aug 6, '13 at 7:49am



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Only admins can delete an account, if you wish to i suggest to ask Ferret (leaving a comment (including a description) on his page --> Ferret)

Think youre asking for one of the MMOs (cuz you only faved one game, a MMO^^),. MMOs dont have a "restart" function, so youll have to do with a fresh account.
But there is no need to delete your current one, just make a new account and dont use your current one anymore
Just make your current profile unaccasable by go on edit profile --> change email and password to something totaly weird (smashing your hand on the keyboard^^) --> click on update profile --> logout... then make a new account.


Posted Aug 6, '13 at 12:54pm



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You can e-mail me at with your account name from your associated e-mail address confirming you'd like your account deleted and I will make that happen.

As far as a game, that's different game to game, but it's not something I can easily help with.

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