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Logged in? Can't learn more - must join mmo. Why?

Posted Aug 6, '13 at 6:53am



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I wonder what's up with that, some time ago I was able to read more about an MMO before starting to play it, but now if I'm logged in I have no such choice - entering any MMO page, even if for the first time, I immediately get into the game, no questions asked. To see if we actually WANT to play it basing on it's description I have to first log out before going on that games page.

Why did that change? Is that a bug? All I can tell is that from my own point of view that's undesired behavior.


Posted Aug 20, '13 at 4:27pm



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This is frustrating for me as well, logging in when I get here, then having to log out when I go to check out an MMO, then log back in to play.

And if I don't log out to check, I usually find that the new MMO I'm playing is just a cookie-cutter game by that same company who keeps making all their games exactly the same.

And I am certain you guys know what I am talking about, those MMO "games" that play themselves.


Posted Aug 24, '13 at 6:22pm



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Cant stand those games. They are just money pits for young kids whos parents have too much extra cash. Pay to get all the best gear then sit in chat and talk about how good of a player they are. Then in a month when sales drop off they release the next wave of buyable gear. I wish people would wise up and stop dumping cash into these stupid games.


Posted Aug 29, '13 at 1:31pm



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Armor games,hear me!
Stop posting crap MMOs!
(Looks at lunaria story,dragon tamer, and angels wrath.)

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