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AG Football Competion

Posted Feb 11, '14 at 9:48pm



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Superbowl Weekend

xXxDARPO89xXx-28 total points
49ers-16 points=12 points+4 points (clinch, Wild Card win, divisional)
Lions-7 points
Titans-5 points

daleks-43 total points
Seahawks-24 points=13 points+11 points (clinch, BYE, divisional, conference, Superbowl)
Colts-13 points=11 points+2 points (clinch, Wild Card win)
Buccaneers-2 points
Redskins-2 points
Cowboys-2 points

superbobdabest-35 total points
Broncos-20 points=13 points+7 points (clinch, BYE, divisional, conference)
Panthers-13 points=11 points+2 points (clinch, BYE)
Texans-2 points

vinster132-34 total points
Packers-10 points=9 points+1 point (clinch)
Bengals-12 points=11 points+1 point (clinch)
Chiefs-12 points=11 points+1 point (clinch)

CalvinKidd137-31 total points
Cardinals-10 points
Saints-13 points=11 points+2 points (clinch, Wild Card win)
Bears-8 points

Patrick2011-14 total points
Browns-4 points
Rams-7 points
Raiders-3 points

killersup10-29 total points
Eagles-11 points=10 points+1 point (clinch)
Giants-7 points
Chargers-11 points=9 points+2 points (clinch, Wild Card win)

xeano321-28 total points
Patriots-16 points=12 points+4 points (clinch, BYE, divisional)
Cowboys-4 points
Vikings-5 points
Dolphins-3 points

Bronze-20 total points
Falcons-4 points
Ravens-8 points
Jets-8 points

jeol-17 total points (joined Week 5)
Dolphins-5 points
Bills-3 points
Steelers-7 points
Cowboys-2 points


1. daleks-43 points
2. superbobdabest-35 points
3. vinster132-34 points
4. Calvinkidd137-31 points
5. killersup10-29 points
6. xeano321 and xXxDARPO89xXx-28 points
8. Bronze-20 points
9. jeol-17 points
10. Patrick2011-14 points


Well thats a wrap! And our winner is (imaginary drumroll) DALEKS! Congratulations dude! It kinda sucks how the final game of season was so boring (unless your a seahawks fan), but it was a good year. So as the season concludes I once again want to thank everyone who signed up and for having a great season with us.

So the 2nd annual AG Football competition is officially over. This competition has been so fun the past two years I really feel like doing a third. Check back with me around late july and I will think about doing one for next year.

I will be semi active during this offseason, but still keep in touch! Feel free to keep commenting here.


Posted Feb 11, '14 at 11:33pm



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Check back with me around late july and I will think about doing one for next year.

I'll be signing up for sure! And thanks again for running it bob, it was fun

Posted Feb 12, '14 at 12:06am



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Check back with me around late july and I will think about doing one for next year.

If I'm still around, I probably will, but I usually go away in the summer so I don't know. I should've won but my teams choked in the playoffs.

Posted Feb 12, '14 at 8:37am



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Congratulations dude!

Only a congrats? No victory dinner? No victory speech? No being carried everywhere on a Seahawk throne that the rest of you carry?
This blows. JK of course. It was great (the competition I mean). Even as a Seahawks fan I can agree that the game was boring after Harbin ran back the kickoff. That is when I knew it was over.

Might do this next year. Really depends on how much time I have and if I am still here.

Posted Feb 12, '14 at 8:40am



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