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Ok so this is the official forum for the football competion. All of the news and other updates will be posted here. Please check this weekly. We still have 2 spots remaining. If you have a friend that likes football ask them to message me. For those random people who are reading this if you like football or have a random friend who likes football tell them to come to me. Remember this is NFL not College Football.


Ok rules are really simple. We will do a draft. Everyone will get 3 teams. Everytime that team wins, you get a point. In the result of a tie both teams will earn a point.


I will write the names down on a paper. I will one at a time pull the names out of a hat. That person will draft last at the end of the first round. The next name I pull out will draft second to last and so on. After we pull out the order we will double up meaning the last person of the first round will go first and the second to last will go second and so on. For the third and final round we will repeat the first round.


You and any other person are allowed to make a trade. You can trade teams, points, and draft picks. The only rule is each person must have 3 draft picks at the end of the trade whether you're trading picks or not. You must either post on my page or in this forum.

Playoff Points

Next up; playoff points. Each team who makes the playoffs gets 1 point. Winning the wild card round or getting a bye during the Wild Card round gets you two points. Winning the Divisional round gets you 3 points. Winning the Conference round gets you 4 points. Superbowl points are unknown yet. We will take a vote about it later in the season.

Ok I think that's it. If anyone has a question just post here or on my profile. For the people in the competion please comment so I know when I can post more updates. Draft order will be decided after enough people respond. Thanks guys.

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