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When I was young and stupid, I liked to draw little stick-figure battles in school. I had a ton of them, but most went to the trash, toilet, laundry bin, you name it. Out of chance, I stumbled upon an old thread (whose link you'll find below) dedicated almost entirely to stick figure battles. Because its last post was over 2 years ago, and I don't like resurrecting threads, I'm going to start a remake.

The only rule (in keeping with the original thread) is that all drawings must somehow be related to war by showing it, suggesting it, or whatever else your weird and peculiar minds may think about.

I guess it's my turn then. This is an old one. Scanned it, ran it through some filters, and here we go:

Click it to see the full-size image.

Okay, a short description. On the very left, we have the walled city of the soldiers of the kingdom of the Checkered flag. Outside are a lot of corpses with arrows sticking through them. Just below is a small camp. At the center of the entire drawing is a hill, and there's a throne on the hill, and there is a king sitting on the throne on the hill. Around the king, the soldiers of the kingdom of the Hourglass flag rallied and are fighting against the combined relief army and sally of the soldiers of the Checkered flag.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, kind lady or sir, I call upon you to take a miscellaneous piece of paper, the closest writing instrument, and draw a group of stick figures killing each other or whatever comes to mind, and then take a camera/cellphone/etc and take a picture of it and upload it to an image hosting site and then post it here and oh my god this is like the longest sentence ever just stop writing.

This is an authorized remake of Bronze's Great War.

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