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Posted Jul 1, '08 at 5:59am



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A Broken Dream
By KingRyan (a.k.a Ryan H)

Dreams are things that are special.
True only to youself.
You aim for them and hope
That they may be true one day.

But sometimes no matter how hard you try,
these dreams end up with you sad.
Thrown at the ground and broken.
Into a thousand pieces like a smashed bottle.

Our lives feeling like a ruler.
Snapped in half down the middle.
Broken fragments flying out-
and hitting other people.

But luckily we cant stay this way,
Forever and a day.
We sometimes need to just let go.
Of our dreams that began long ago.

But letting go isn't that simple.
As our lives twist and turn.
The hurt is pushed into the back of our mind.
Where it becomes lost and forgotten.

Until one day when we rediscover it.
And it hits us like a car.
It knocks us senseless.
And brings back all of the hurt.

By KingRyan
[a.k.a Ryan H!}


Posted Jul 3, '08 at 3:16am



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hey this is wally i should have copyed ur poem for my thing cause my is pretty bad.


Posted Jul 3, '08 at 3:48am



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Very Funny Wally. (Everyone else - He is in my class!)

Don't copy it!


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