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David Tennant or Matt Smith

Posted Sep 1, '13 at 9:38pm



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Ahh. Eccleston sucks. I think most people agree on that.

Uh, no most people do not agree on that. Not only is Eccleston my personal favorite as well as the favorite for numerous others but several polls have been taken on other sites and Eccleston almost always winds up in the top 3.

Posted Sep 15, '13 at 9:26pm



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Matt all the way!!!!!!! He isn't as serious as Tennant. To me he is more whimsical, goofy, and fun. Don't get me wrong, Tennant is totally awesome too! I just prefer Matt Smith. He was also the first Doctor I ever watched, so he has a special place in my Whovian heart. Not to mention how adorable he is ^-^ although I do wish I could ruffle David Tennant's hair...


Posted Sep 16, '13 at 4:09pm



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Oh, it's New Who. *rolls eyes*
Tom Baker FTW.


Posted Sep 16, '13 at 8:53pm



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Oh, it's NuWho. *rolls eyes*


I keep thinking about watching orignal Dr. Who, but I never get around to it.

~~~Darth Caedus
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