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Hey all,

Didn't see anything in the rules against this so I hope it's ok. I need to hire someone.

I want to put an animated video on my hypnotherapy website introducing it. Others in my field bore their clients to death and my goal is to be off-beat enough that I stand out. I mean I could talk about my stack of testimonials, my wall of fancy diplomas and my position as boardmember of a huge hypnotherapist association but nobody wants to hear that. So let's make it short, fun and to the point.

What you do NOT need
A suit and tie
Programming or website knowledge
Audio or syncing. I'll do that part.

The gig itself
A 15-30 second animation. Will need 3 characters: a knight, a wizard, and a monster. You need to make your own scenery. This is not an action movie, it's just telling a story of a knight who finds a great treasure: my website. I'll give you more details after we talk, but that's the jist of it.

Although I do intend to be strange and different, this is a commercial website for practitioner with probably the highest standards you will ever find. So the clip will need to reflect that.

What you should have
-Samples of previous work I can look at.
-Name your price.
-Tell me how long it will take to finish.

Protip: I'll be picking the best combination of those three factors.

What you get out of it
-Something to put on your resume after a couple hours of play (aka work).
-A kickass testimonial from myself.
-If I love your work, there will be more of these tiny jobs in the future.

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Lixian would probably be the best you could get.

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Emp doesn't read opening posts. Just sayin'. :P

Anyhow, I would recommend you check out Newgrounds. They're similar to Armor Games except for the fact they have a lot more animators around. Good luck with your endeavors.

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Hi there buddy, since you are looking for animators to do the animation for you, why not deal with some animation studios.

Aside from professional and quality work, you can have peace of mind since you are dealing with a legit company. You may want to check the guys at Animation Outsourced Studios and Explaininja Studios.

Both have super work output and reasonable fees.

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