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Racism and Sexism

Posted Sep 24, '13 at 3:18pm



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Not every black person is from Africa or America.

I need to fix this..because technically speaking black people do originate from Africa (then again..we all do), but I mean not every one is born in Africa or is an African citizen. Same goes with the American aspect.

Posted Sep 26, '13 at 4:52pm



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A random thought..I hate the idea of referring to black people as "African-American". Not every black person is from Africa or America.

I actually agree with this part. Just because my ancestors are from Sweden I'm not "Swedish-American". Now, if you are, like a girl from my class, directly from Africa (She was born in Kenya or something) then you are 100% African-American. If you're descended from slaves that showed up here in the late 1600's, well then you're technically more "American" than I am.

That's a fashion trend...just so happens to be more popular amongst the black community.

Or...we could stop slandering people for doing such things.

While true, that isn't going to bring about any form of "equality" or a racism-free environment. I would literally never hire a person who's butt crack I can see and who speaks barely intelligible ghetto ramble. This applies to all people. A well dressed and educated black woman would get whatever job I'm offering over some white trash smelly male any day. I have a black friend who, when she was riding the bus home from school, got asked by the girl, "Why you speakin' all white and ****? Ain't you like bein' black? You a white-lovin' *****."

That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about.

Those people are using feminism as a front for their Misandry.

I agree.

Posted Oct 4, '13 at 11:31am



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I think we need to address some of the institutionalized sexism when it comes to things like parenthood and reproductive rights.

We, in Western society, have to give males the same reproductive rights as females. As it stands, consent to sex is NOT equivalent to consent to parenthood for women, we make things like abortion and the morning after pill widely available. However, when it comes to men, we expect them to be fathers even if they don't consent to parenthood.

Of course, it would be a violation of the woman's rights if she was forced to have an abortion because the guy didn't wanna be a father, but I think we need to seriously consider introducing opt-out parenthood for males. If the male does not want the child but the female does then allow him to opt out and not have to pay child support and all that jazz.

That should level the playing field and make everyone equal.


Posted Oct 4, '13 at 12:42pm



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If the male does not want the child but the female does then allow him to opt out and not have to pay child support and all that jazz.

I completely agree. The choice to bear the child is the woman's, but it's completely unfair to make the man pay for a child he does not want when the woman is the one deciding to keep it despite the many different options she has.

There's also no way a man can tell if a woman is lying about being on birth control. Women know whether a man is wearing a condom or not, and can refuse to have sex unless he's wearing one. When choosing to forego condoms, for whatever reason, men have to take women at their word that they did not skip a day.

You also need to include custody cases. Women earn custody of children almost by default, because they're the mother. It's not an equal evaluation of who would be best able to raise and care for the child, because most people assume the mother is the best for that job no matter what. There's also unfair divorce laws, and ignoring of sexual assault/violence against males but hyper-focusing on it against women...

Please don't take any of this to mean I don't recognize that there is still sexism against women, especially in less developed parts of the world. I'm just pointing out that sexism happens to males too in the same areas it can happen to women.

Posted Oct 10, '13 at 11:31am



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I feel that these are real issues, but that people choose to pursue the wrong answers to these problems. With the way I've seen women's rights and racial equality activist groups act, I can almost certainly say that after a while they become part of the problem. I see them fighting fire with fire and countering racism with racism and sexism with sexism. If you're not the National Association for the Advancement of All People, then I really don't want to know you. I can understand the desire to promote education and the furthering of certain demographics, but it gets to the point where these people will settle for less in order to coat a rusty piece of garbage with pretty paint in order to falsely make it look like they think it should. And by that I mean that in order to fill a quota of medical students of a certain demographic the bar will often times get lowered specifically for them. When choosing btw job applicants for different positions, people who are much better suited to getting the job get passed over just so that the person picking people will have filled their quota. If you're really going to fix the problem, then you need to keep the bar the same height for everyone and orient your educational/supplemental/remedial efforts towards everyone that needs them. If we're going to see more women and black people in certain fields, then they should earn it. Altering the reality so that what's on paper looks better is down right disgusting and the opposite of furthering the present towards a better tomorrow. It's going to induce nothing but racism and bitter feelings.... but it'll look good on paper


Posted Oct 15, '13 at 8:00am



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I need to fix this..because technically speaking black people do originate from Africa (then again..we all do), but I mean not every one is born in Africa or is an African citizen. Same goes with the American aspect.

depends what you see as black people. most people call brown people black aswell. as soon someone has some color people start saying "black people" in this sens people from south-america and the philippines for example are "black people" aswell.
hell, nearly all people originated from the southern hemisphere can be called "black people" not just africans.

Posted Oct 18, '13 at 11:07am



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I would respect feminists more if they weren't so sexist...


Posted Oct 26, '13 at 12:53pm



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Racism is something most people agree on; that it is wrong and should not be done. I couldn't agree more. I cannot stand racism and it drives me crazy to the point I have quit talking to people because they made a racist joke or comment. I am not really biased either... well, I have a chinese sister, but most people aren't racist to Asians other than the stereotype of "the smart Asian". I have a lot of friends that have ethnic backgrounds; so I take it back... I am biased.

However, sexism I think is a little less agreed upon. I have met a lot of sexist men and a lot of sexist women. I have held the door for some women (I was raised in the south... that is what you do to be courteous) and the glare at me like I think they are incapable of opening it for themselves. I know you can open a stupid door, I am trying to be nice to you!
I have met a lot of sexist men to, they think that women are capable of child birth and looking good; that's it.
What people need to get through their heads is that both sexes are needed. But they also need to know that there are things a man can do a women cannot; and there are things a woman can do that a man cannot. I don't like it when people are like "there is nothing a man can do a woman can't" or vice versa. Yes, there is. Women have a higher pain threshold (on average) and men are stronger (on average). Hormones dictate this; if people don't like it they can ignore it; but it is still there. Yes there are things a women can do that men cannot and men can do things women cannot; that is why they are equal. Both sexes are needed to make the world go round (not just with repopulating either).

Just my thoughts.

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