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Lol dood, look at this

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So yeah, probably nobody here remember me anymore. I am a relic of a very, very long time ago. From the beginnings of MoonFairy, Mr.Pockets, and many other wonderful people who no longer are active here.

I just have a short little writing to put up. It's based off of a relationship. It's all "symbolic-y" and whatnot.

So here we go?

There was a girl, who loved a boy.

She loved him as she had never loved another. Her devotion knew no boundaries, and neither did his hope.

He clothed himself in hooded robes of black. He named them "heartbreak", and "pain", and "corruption". He hid himself in the garments he so claimed. And even though his body was plainly clad in them, he denied their presence. She fell silent on speech of them.

The world, was what he promised her. A heart, is what he gave her. A listening ear, was what she promised him. An undying love, was what she gave him.

"Follow me", was his wish. "Your happiness", was hers.

He led her. Across windswept deserts, and endless oceans. Over frigid waters, and beautiful cities. To the tops of mountains they climbed, and from the peaks of cliffs they shouted their love. Trudging in mud they walked. Weathering the sun and time, they crawled. The sights she saw, she could never have imagined, for he filled her head with these wondrous images not of her own.

And all the time they traveled, he drew the hood tighter and tighter about his features. With every sight they saw, he grew more and more bitter. He led her aimlessly now, uncaring of their destination. Her words of wonder began to fall upon deafened ears, and the pillars of their romance began to crash with resounding silence.

Still, he led. And still, she followed. For he ignored the signs, while she remained blind to them,

The cloak grew thick, obscuring not only his face, but his heart. Everywhere she turned for sign of him, she found a rejection, a hushed word, and an imperceptible turn of the head, for he could face her no longer.

Their walk grew careless, yet still he forged on, and still she loved. Even his rejection could not sway her from his side.

"Show me you" she always begged, longing for the face she had now nearly forgotten. His silence and drawing of the cloak was answer enough.

They came to a hill named Loss, and stood atop its glory, gazing into the star-gemmed sky. Again she requested of him, "Show me you, let us face us."

So finally he faced her, releasing all of the pains which held him from her. They fell away, and she discovered nothing.

The robes were hollow within, there was nothing inside. The girl cried, for she had been chasing a wraith. The chords which led her had been pulled by a phantom.

The boy melted away, a promise on his lips. The girl died inside, as she sat on the hill of Loss alone.

And still, she loved the boy who was a wraith.


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I'll read the rest later


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Im an older relic then you :P, your name though does ring a bell...



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Huh, decent. Very typical of adolescent-writing-meant-to-be-deep-and-symbolic-with-personal-meaning-but-really-is-just-"meh".

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