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[Answered] DNS problem

Posted Sep 2, '13 at 1:29am



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my internet connection is 1mb/ps
120kb/per sec download.
it worked well before, like 3-4 months ago, but since than it has stopped working

Hmm, only 1 MBPS? This isn't really fast. I have 10 MBPS. Maybe your Internet connection is just not fast enough? But I'll admit it, this is weird. Maybe your Internet service provider was having technical problems this day, maybe if you try again later it'll work? Because this happened to me one day, approximately two hours with a very slow Internet.

Posted Sep 2, '13 at 4:48am



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I don't think that connection should lead to DNS time-outs, shouldn't happen on dialup even, I don't think.

I think if that notification is not itself erroneous the DNS just isn't getting resolved.


Posted May 31, '14 at 2:18am



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this worked for me:

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