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Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to my attention that college sucks.

I mean really, really sucks.

Not saying it's too far from what I expected, but there are some things that just make me want to tear my rapidly-thinning hair out.

First, let's talk about professors. There are many types of professors, and all of them seem to have one little quirk that makes their class impossible in their own little way. My favorite are the homework-oriented ones. The ones who insist that you complete the required questions twice a week to "ensure you're grasping the material." Like, sure, why don't you just hold my hand while you're at it. Of course, on the opposite spectrum, you have the ones who let you know on day one that there will be a test on the last day of class, worth 100% of your grade, on everything he says for the next four months.

My math teacher left the school after the first week of classes (not me, I swear), and the new guy does not seem to be prepared to teach at all. Math of course being conveniently my worst subject.

I think your childhood officially ends when the only reason you look forward to the weekend is because you know you'll actually have time to complete your homework and study for the quiz on the material your math professor DIDN'T TEACH. Honestly, if I knew college was so much like private school I'd have just sucked it up in high school instead of spending four years on Armor Games.

I'm fending off the freshman fifteen with a sugar-free churro, but if I can't hold that off, I might as well say I've gotten the college experience and go home.


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