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Best approach to creating flash games

Posted Sep 20, '13 at 6:32pm



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Hi guys,

Im new to this forum

I have been wrestling with myself over the past few months on weather to learn c# .net or flash.

I decided to learn flash as my wife is a fairly accomplished Action Script 3 programmer and it made sense as she can help me on the way.also it would be nice to be able to make games for pc as well as android.

i just have a couple of questions:

1) am i better off just biting the bullet and designing a game (not too complex) and learning as i go? or should i do real basic games (like o's and x's) and build up that way?

2) what supplemental software/packages should i be looking at for flash? should i start learning to use photoshop and illustrator or is there a better way to create graphics for flash games. (i dont want my graphics to be too cartoon like)

anyway thanks for reading and looking forward to your input

im amped to get started!!!


Posted Sep 20, '13 at 9:40pm



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I think the best point for this is AG Programming Forum


Posted Sep 21, '13 at 7:18am



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thanks for that


Posted Sep 21, '13 at 9:16am



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hello if you looking to get started, but unsure of how to go about doing it I highly recommend you start with FlashDevelop. Its completely free so you're not going to spend any money.

Here is a tutorial created by Michael James Williams. Its really an excellent source for learning and understanding classes in as3.

I wouldn't put too much effort into the graphics at first especially if you are not a very skilled artist, as your skills develop in flash you will find that having a good team (programming, art, audio, etc) will really get the ball rolling. I recommend you give gimp a try, but there are other software's like, GraphicsGale, Pyxel Edit, or Inkscape

the graphic software was taken from this guide, good luck and happy game making :)

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