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Brothers and Heroes (Full Concert Piece)

Posted Sep 24, '13 at 6:04pm



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This is the first full concert piece I have ever written. I am trying to get as much feedback as possible to improve the piece before I submit the final arrangement to be published. Please excuse the midi quality. If you like this piece, you can find more of my work on my Sound Cloud page.

Brothers and Heroes

Dedicated to the armed forces of the United States.


Posted Sep 25, '13 at 1:47pm



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I really enjoyed it!

Even though the piece was split into different musical themes, I thought they fit together very nicely. It was also adequately emotional, which is what I'm assuming you went for.

Not sure if you meant for it to sound like a march, but it very much did.


Posted Sep 25, '13 at 9:27pm



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It was pretty good. My favorite part was the crescendo about 40 seconds in. Like Nurv said, I like how it was split into different movements with very different sounds. At the risk of over analyzation I'd ask if this was to perhaps reflect how the Us military has gone to vastly different locales to fight?

Keep it up.

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