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Hey guys! Miss me?

I had this a while back, when "The Two Castles" was running. For those who don't know, it had around 18 players and was extremely successful, until I had to remove myself as GM based on conviction and obsession (I dumped a ton of time and energy into it and it interfered with my life).

Having returned to AG, I am considering starting a new, much simpler RPG called "The Woods of the Pages." It's basically a Slenderman game, only text-based.

For those of you who remember "TTC," you know I work hard on making a scene happen and often throw in surprises. As opposed to the traditional Slenderman game, this one will have more than one game mode:
1. Classic:
-Collect 8 pages.
-Inventory: Flashlight.
Slenderman is invincible and inescapable. You will die.
2. Solo Op: Use wits and anything you find.
-Collect 8 pages.
-Inventory: 5 slots.
-Slenderman is invincible but escapable. You can escape.
3. Campaign: An actual story with NPCs.
-Collect 9 pages.
-Inventory: 5 slots.
-Slenderman is invincible but escapable. You can escape.

There will be two versions of 3: Civilian and Military.
3a. Civilian: Try to help unarmed people escape Slenderman and the Woods.
3b. Military: Try to escape on your own with the help of a team.

Perks: I will keep it updated daily if possible, anyone will be able to join at any time, and players that die will be allowed to play again, including selecting a different game mode. It will NOT be easy. You won't be finding wire cutters to cut through the fence.

You can run. You can hide. You can look behind you and see nothing. But he's always there. It's up to you to last as long as possible, but be warned: You are always one step away from death.


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