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We need better and more classic games

Posted Oct 2, '13 at 7:48pm



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Man where did all the fun go I want games like dude and zombies or balloon wasteland you know the GOOD games and especially what the people want do you get what i'm trying to tell you Armor Games make GOOD games NOT CRAP games that's all


Posted Oct 4, '13 at 5:46pm



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Calm down. You don't need to write it all in caps letters.
Make a better game yourrself then.
One day there will be a good game you will love.


Posted Oct 4, '13 at 7:15pm



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Sometimes you see a ton of (in your mind) good games are released, sometimes you see a lot of (in your mind) crap games are released, its always an up and down... seems you have a downtime yet^^, but maybe there will be better times... just wait, play some of your favs and hope^^

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