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[Answered] Lost access to my Armor Games registered email address

Posted Oct 9, '13 at 12:46am



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Hi Guys/Gals

Recently, the company where I had my email hosted ( went under due to some...litigation.

Unfortunately for me, when I registered my domain through them years ago, they did not purchase the domain for me. They purchased it and then rented it to me. As such, I have no way of accessing emails that are sent to that domain.

I am being prompted by Armor Games to change my password due to the security breach, but I can not reset because of my lack of access to the registered email address.

Your system will not let me change my email address until I update my password.

I understand the reasoning, but I hope you can help me as I'm in sort of a catch 22 on this.



Posted Oct 9, '13 at 5:25am



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Contact Ferret via e-mail at Explain him your issue and make sure you let him know your username and old e-mail address

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