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I need some suggestions on how I can deal with my social anxiety and the current problem that I describe in my blog post.[url=]

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I'm probably as close to a copy as you'll get. I tended to avoid social situations. I've never cared much for the sports that the general public obsess over (although I'm gaining a slight interest in American Football because there's more organized strategy in it than a lot of other sports). My mom is as religious as yours, but my dad's an atheist (or at least antireligious), so I stopped going to church at around 7 due to boredom, but I was still very loosely Christian (more of a Christian deist) until about 2 years ago, so now I categorize myself as a pantheist because I can get to what I do believe instead of what I don't. But I was in a perpetually depressive state between that time, as this life was supposed to be a torturous punishment of suffering on the way to the big party in the sky, so I trudged through it and became isolated. My aversion came from knowing that everyone was inherently evil and dangerous.
Anyway, my only relationship experience was having the balls to ask a cheerleader to prom. To my knowledge, she was single. We had been acquaintances for a few years, so it wasn't like asking a total stranger. I didn't want to pressure her by making a scene, so I did it in the most discreet way possible: taping a note to a stick of gum a month before prom. It was her vice, and I supplied it upon her request as I had done for a year. It worked; she said yes. But two weeks later, she sent a text stating that she forgot that someone else had asked her a long time ago. Oh well, I saved $100 on tickets and my parents bought me an expensive suit.
As for advice on your situation, I'm a bit of an absurdist, so do whatever you want. If you don't know what that is yet, only you can figure it out. What is it you value? What are you really after and why? This will dictate what you must do.

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I have never kissed a girl (except for one incident which I might describe later). I have never had a girlfriend.

You shouldn't worry about this, James. Well, at least not in my own philosophy, because I always look at the long run. Especially with this whole girlfriend and kissing issue. I'm not sure if many people are of a mind with me (they probably aren't), but I refuse to ask a girl to be my girlfriend -and I've been **** close...twice... - unless I can picture the thought of her walking the aisle towards me.

In fact, I have already made up my mind about this whole situation - that my first kiss would be at my wedding while I romantically hold my spouse almost down to the ground with powerful music, flowers would be raining from the sky and people would be cheering (especially my spouse's parents), and champagne bottles are being blasted open and awkward toasts are taking place - no, actually, I'll kiss her just after I ask her for marriage and she awkwardly says yes. Ha.

And about the whole friendship issue, I have constantly moved from place to place living in different areas of the world, so there was really no way for me to remain 'closed' and introverted because I was always having to make new friends, so I don't really believe I could give you some very helpful opinions/advice on that, but I do believe that the key to all of this is simply to 'open up'. In my case I've had to communicate in several different languages to talk with people, not just Spanish.

But that's just me. The other users of AG very probably have more to say than I do because of their experiences, but I do wish you luck.
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