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Posted Oct 15, '13 at 1:15am



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I logged in, went to the game I wanted to play, it took me to a walk through video. No start button or nothing. whats the secret, why is so difficult to play a game and relax. too pissed off to relax


Posted Oct 20, '13 at 10:40am



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It's always a pleasure to welcome a friendly stranger

Just a wild guess here, but in order to play Flash games on any site, you'll need to allow JavaScript for that site, and possibly FlashPlayer, which depends on it. (So at least on my set-up, allowing the one suffices to allow the other.)

I was just checking an MMO (mutliplayer online game) for someone, and noticed a video introduction loading there. There's a neat (not-so) little "play now" button next to it. Suggest clicking it.

If you don't have JS enabled for AG, you won't be seeing no nothing there. Relax already, most people here seem to do, and are more than willing to assist one another in their hours of need

ps Note these MMO's are usually hosted on their own servers, so not actually at You'll need to allow JavaScript for those servers, as well, for the games to play, so not just for ArmorGames.


Posted Oct 20, '13 at 3:17pm



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Check out the "Black screen" thread, stickied in this forum. Do you have adblock on? That may interfere with some of our ad networks.

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