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Wartune Problem

Posted Oct 15, '13 at 3:22pm



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I'm trying to get help with ingame real money stuff but I can't get help.

In R2Games you need to have a charecter on their servers so submit a ticket, and there is no Email address to contact them, so this is my last place to go to.

pls direct me to where can I get help



Posted Oct 16, '13 at 5:51am



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I'm assuming you've tried to submit a support ticket here:


I'm not really sure how this works as I've never filled a support ticket. And, obviously, I can't test if it works or not. However, and if I'm not mistaken (note that I might be, though), you do have a character on their servers the moment you start playing the game, so this shouldn't be a problem. Unless you're meaning something different that I don't understand.

Alternatively, you can try to post this issue on their forums (check the link below), but I do believe you should try to fill that ticket to get a better answer.


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