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Your thoughts on game DLC/EXPANSION PACKS

Posted Oct 15, '13 at 10:39pm



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what is your opinions on game dlc / expansion packs? are you likely to buy any if its for a game you really like?

and be specific on your thoughts for one of the ones i listed below [or any other ones you can think of]

extra weapons/items
new levels/missions
new characters

and anything else that is all included in different game dlc and expansion packs


Posted Oct 20, '13 at 2:51am



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In my opinion the best DLC most gamers would want is added or extra storyline content. Extra skins and weapons is good as well but its nothing that will really change the game THAT much but when you add more story to a game that you already like, it's like a kid on Christmas.


Posted Oct 20, '13 at 7:41pm



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turret pretty much said what I was going to say. The only DLC I ever buy are DLCs that either give me more story (ex: I bought the Season Pass for Bioshock:Infinite because the last two DLCs are pure story) or give me real content such as map packs for BF3 and such. I don't see the practicality in extra skins or weapons, but some people do, I suppose.


Posted Oct 20, '13 at 10:07pm



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Depends. DLC that offers a lot for a fair price is ok. DLC that offers one or two things for an outrageous amount of money is never ok (Sims 3 anyone? And no, just EA says that they're expansion packs doesn't make them expansion packs).
Expansion packs are always good no matter what. I have never seen an expansion pack that wasn't worth buying (I still exclude Sims 3 as selling expansion packs). Activison/Blizzard seem to do this pretty well. Their expansions usually include enough to be considered an entire game.


Posted Oct 21, '13 at 2:26am



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If it has something to do with the story like a side story or a back story then sure I guess.
But if it's just extra items, I don't think so.


Posted Oct 21, '13 at 7:08am



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I think DLC is only really good in games when it adds to the main story and the lore but when its weapons I don't like it because it puts players which pay more at an advantage because they have the option to choose guns that you wont have.

With skins and miscellaneous stuff that has no performance boosting stuff I don't mind that much but it kind of annoys me because the devs are being greedy.


Posted Oct 22, '13 at 11:30pm



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Definitely for additional content, such as stories, extra sidequests that are pertinent to the plot, etc. And as long as it's not as expensive as the game itself; that's ridiculous.


Posted Oct 27, '13 at 1:45pm



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[quote=Drink]what is your opinions on game dlc / expansion packs?[/quote]

They are money grabbing schemes to rob from zombies that are willing to shell out cash for nonsense items and tinker bells.

A lot of games recently have fully completely game and content that has locked characters, items, etc already ON THE DISC but requires you to purchase them. Complete money grabs and unethical business practices.

Expansion packs of today are nothing like they were 10 years ago when they were actually full of useful characters, story, and items. Now they are nothing but a highway robbery. And these company's will continue to make this trash so long as the sheeple keep buying into it. Yes it makes me angry because 1.It's not entirely the company's fault; it rests on the people who support it. 2. People think they don't have the power to make a statement to these big company's when they most certainly do. Stop buying these insult-products.

The "Video Game Crash of 1983" was clearly the company's fault of producing garbage. (Yes there was more to it than that, I'm not stupid so don't even start) But thanks to only a few good, decent company's who didn't treat their consumers like farm animals, we have the gaming community of today.

There was some very serious concerns about what the trash Microsoft was doing with their Xbox One. Without getting into it, there are always going to be the mindless fanboy's, but this upset a lot of people. And thanks to some people who cared, they actually made a difference in the xbox gaming community.

*I'm sadly going to have to make this statement: not all games of today are like that. Because I know some people misread and get their girly panties all bunched up and start crying, "Not all games are like that!!! ! "


Posted Dec 9, '13 at 10:29am



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