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Artist needed for a new game

Posted Oct 18, '13 at 6:18pm



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I am wanting a dedicated artist that has the time to spare to work on a game I have the game menu coded and designed but I need an artist for the art i have 2 but they are to busy with school right now to get any art done for the game.
My website is where you can contact me or you can contact me through here but its more reliable thru the website.!news/c1x9.
I am looking for people who are serious in there artistic ability I am willing to send you a full copy of the game in any format that you want to play on any system wherever you are but mobile devices may have to wait until i get enough money to get the software to export to it. atm i can publish to windows, mac, internet, and tizen mobile. looking to eventually publish to android and ipod/iphone so if you are interested in publishing to these platforms contact me. otherwise you will have to wait for the release of my games.


Posted Oct 21, '13 at 10:53pm



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What sort of style are you looking for?

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