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Most Anticipated Game Before 2013 Ends

Posted Oct 27, '13 at 7:50pm



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Nothing left to do in Skyrim and Oblivion

Then start up a Morrowind file. Or Daggerfall. Or Arena. Someone has to stop Dagoth Ur, deal with the Mantella Crux and defeat Jagath Tharn.

Posted Oct 28, '13 at 2:43pm



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TES: Online

That, my deer, is coming out next year.....Probably.....They were originally, if I remember correctly, shooting for March of this year, but obviously that didn't happen, nor did anything close to that happen. I was really looking forward to it until they announced that it would be $15 a month, I was still going to get it and pay every other month or so until I saw that you still had to pay $60 for the game too. They have said that the $15 is just what they have set so far and that it may be subject to change.

Personally, the only game that I'm (for sure) excited about for this year is BF4, Ghosties looks like it could have some promise, but I refuse to pre-order and will not buy it until I have seen enough gameplay so that I know it's not like the last 2 Call of Failures.

Posted Nov 3, '13 at 10:55pm



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this year? I have a lot of games I am planning on getting but if I were to choose the game I am really hyped for it would be MGSV: the phantom pain for the ps4/X1. yeah christmas counts for this topic

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