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Scary Stories

Posted Dec 26, '13 at 9:56pm



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Here's one from my old primary school, which I've annotated somewhat because I think it's better. Kind of like "Knock Knock Knock", only nock.
Drip, Drip, Drip

This is kindof late, but isn't this story from somewhere else? Or did you just make your own adaptation of it?

Posted Jan 16, '14 at 1:47am



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Other Side.

This one was great... Though I suggest adding a lot more detail to it. The fact of the matter is you have to get the reader in the world of the character and if there isn't enough detail then the reader cannot grasp the environment well enough so it's not as good. I like the premise though. As pang said you didn't have to say you ate her, it was obvious... with stories you have to keep up a certain flow of things and this really cuts it out. Good job though I liked it.

Do You Think I'm Pretty

This story imo had a good build... But it was all too abrupt, forgetting about details and dialouge. The end was the most abrupt part, it just happened out of nowhere and you didn't manage to build enough tension in the story. It was okay though and I think it has a great idea to make a great story but you really need to build on it. You also made it a bit too obvious as to what kind of was going to happen when he first heard the voice in the car.

Knock Knock Knock

This was pretty good.. but again detail, detail. But at the end I was left really confused, not saying that's bad but I was just way too confused. Too confused for my liking. It's good to leave some stories like this to make the reader come up with his own conclusion but I really just couldn't, I don't know why.

It Waits

Hahah nice short. :P
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