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We as we progress through life, From our Parents/Carers Learn most things. Subconsciously we can do tasks or we learn to do these things from what we see. Walking, laughter and speech.

We go through school and we learn things as facts. 2+2=4
There is no thinking behind this, it is simply a fact. We learn things or to achieve answers as a process. I won't go too much into this.

But what if we have questions that don't have a simple or even a true answer? This type of thinking alot of us don't often do because it is not the way we normally learn. We like thinks to be facts. Let's get out that way of thinking. We as the creatures we are, do have it in us to think and understand everything around us. Scenarios that are what ifs, Things that aren't true but what would happen if it was?

A few questions i like of these or the most common ones i hear are:-

What if we didn't have a moon? a Sun? Or what is we did and they vanished?
Is what we see really real?
Do we have a soul?
What happens when we die?
Does god exist?

These are all good examples of the type of thinking i like to do. They are mostly no way to prove them, We can use imagination to think of these. Without knowledge of something people come up with alot of different answers.

I have my own answers for these, interested in other peoples with their questions. I will answer what i can.

How do we know what we know to be true?
How do we know our life isn't within a matrix or this is all a dream?

Cogito ergo sum:- I think therefore i am.
Carpe diem- Seize the day
Memento mori- Remember that you will die

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