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Recently there was a thread that asked for a vote to make Ivan a moderator.

Now, as most know, there is not (nor will there likely ever be) a way for users to vote for moderators for many reasons - but unfortunately this thread seriously hurt Ivan's feelings. And that's understandable, since Ivan has done a lot for the Armor Game's community - it would have been better that the thread be closed then for us to pretend we didn't see the Question.

I count myself among the offenders, and Ivan felt ridiculed by the thread as a bad joke on his behalf. So I'm posting this to apologize for being a part of it. I enjoy having him a part of this community, and wish to see him stay. I hope everybody else feels the same way.

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Why are people still talking about this? Why can't we just let it go? It wouldn't even be an issue if we'd just forget about it.

True, there is mostly nothing to stop it, so every post now is mostly no point. Anyway, goodbye.
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