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Battle of the Foods (Current battle: pg. 34)

Posted Nov 6, '13 at 9:11pm



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Everything else is battling, why should food be left out?

This should be pretty straightforward. Two foods will battle against each other, and the one with the most votes will win the round. Obviously you get one vote per round.

ROUND 1: Hamburgers vs. Hotdogs

Let the battle begin!


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 9:43pm



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Hmm. That's a tough one. It really depends on what you're in the mood for.

I'll go hot dogs. Sure, you won't find any at a fancy restaurant, but what's better than a perfect ballpark frank on a summer's day? Nothing, that's what!


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 10:07pm



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ballpark frank

Now, the thing is...That line never really set well with me. It seems slightly off-putting.

Hamburgers are open to loads of different variants. A hamburger lends itself to all sorts of different variants. You take the burger and make it into a wonder creation just for you.
What can you do with a hotdog? Slop on a couple toppings, deep fry it. That's about it.

Go burger or go home.

Posted Nov 6, '13 at 10:11pm



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Hamburgers will beat out hotdogs for me any day.

A cheeseburger with bacon and barbecue sauce just can't be beat. Most places don't offer that, but most of the burgers I have are home-prepared, which means I can put whatever I want on it. Their shape, to me at least, is much more convenient and interesting. I can eat around the edges first or eat straight through the middle, or eat it in any number of sorts of ways.

Hotdogs tend to be mostly the same in all but proportion. I'm taking we're not talking about sausages on a roll. I find long things awkward to eat, since there is truly only one way you can eat it (technically two, but it's bi-symmetric). I'm generally not a fan of the meat, and the way hotdogs sit in the bun makes it awkward to put any other condiments on, and you need to be careful about how much you put in as well. The rolls tend to split and, more often than not, you end up with a hotdog on your lap.


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 10:28pm



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I gonna go with:

Just because the other is just to everyday.


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 11:21pm



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I vote burger. You can't exactly order a hotdog medium well with a fried egg and onion straws.

since there is truly only one way you can eat it (technically two, but it's bi-symmetric)

Well, you could eat the middle first and then be left with two mini-dogs.

Posted Nov 6, '13 at 11:40pm



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Burger. Because I actually know exactly what meat is in it.


Posted Nov 7, '13 at 12:11am



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I'm definitely voting for burger. There are so many variants to a burger while a hot dog just doesn't have that many different types. All you can do is put on some condiments and that's a hot dog. While with a burger there are so many ways to prepare it and so many different condiments you can put on it.


Posted Nov 7, '13 at 1:15am



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Another battle! 3 cheers for Terry!

Burger. I just don't get the joy of eating food when I'm having hot dogs. Unless of course I eat the hot dogs after I have had several burgers.


Posted Nov 7, '13 at 2:00am



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If the meat in the hamburger is real, and is that thick, I'd definitely go for the burger.

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