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So you all know what the Nuzlocke challenge is...right?

Well then educate yo self son
-Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
-The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
-Must nickname all of one's Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
-A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
-Not officially enforcing the rules until the player has Poké Balls and can catch Pokémon.
-If the player has no Pokémon that can use a certain field move that is required to continue through any given point of the game, they may catch another Pokémon that can learn said field move. However, it cannot be used in battle for any reason, and must be released, permanently boxed, or migrated as soon as the player gets another Pokémon that can use said field move.

I've decided..with some pushing of Nurve, to turn my most recent Nuzlocke into a you can all ride along with me and share in the joy.
So..without further ado


Chapter 1 - Fire blazes the road on which I skip

"Hehe let's see how they'll evade this one!" pang says to herself while flipping sunglasses on, "I am the ruler of Bad With Dames. Deal with it."
"PANG! ARE YOU SITTING ON THAT STUPID WEBSITE AGAIN?!" the shout was deafening, but of no difficulty for momma pang to achieve.
"B-but mom, muh internet fame."
"I don't give a ****! You are eighteen years old! EIGHTEEN! You should have been out of this house EIGHT YEARS AGO!"
"But mom I don't wanna I like it here I don't want responsibility please don't do this to me please." The desperation was evident throughout pang's voice.
"See this is what I'm talking about! This is what has happened to you! That sentence had ZERO commas in it! And believe me it needed some."
"Yeah but mom it's like that to give realism for-"
"Ok ok fine", the words leaving pang's mouth as she ran out of the house with much vigor.

"Pacman quest, here I come"

As pang strolled along the town, taking in the landscape for the first time in years, she couldn't help but shield her eyes from the sun...which is nothing but new for her delicate eyes after so long locked inside to take in the glory of internet. Lucky for our wondrous hero, which just so happens to be me, giving this story a weird 3rd person narrative, the path to the Professor's lab is a straightforward one...and lucky for me as well because this allows me to avoid making a setting. Ha!

pang entered the lab, with all its blinking lights, impressive machines, hot staff, and-wait..have any of you played the games, read the manga, or watched the show?! Imagine this shiz for yourself! I have important things to write about!
[Disclaimer: If you haven't for any of them, you really shouldn't be reading this story and that's your /deal with it]

Anyways, pang entered the lavatory and approached the professor, the esteemed Professor Oak.

"Professor? I-I'm here for my packermon", the peep could barely be heard.
"WHAT IN THE LIVING ****! This is the men's bathroom! And this is no place to ask for your pokemon-gah! Hold on, give me a minute. And if you wouldn't mind, could you PLEASE wait outside?"

pang, being the lovely woman she is, adhered to the request and walked back out to the blinding light. A couple minutes passed when the door was thrown open.
"I didn't mean literally outside! Oh gosh whatever, just...just come inside."

A few more minutes passed, in which the Professor explained to our beautiful heroin about what being a pokeman master means and how important it is to take care of one's pokemon...pang more or less listened. Could explain this great in depth description I'm giving right now.

" you understand?" The Professor inquired.
"Yyyyep! I get my digimon?!"
"...honestly after that I'm not sure if-"
"I choose this one!" pang shouted, holding up Charmander. "Think of all the thing I can burn with this!"
"That isn't what you use that for, but at this point I just want you out of my-oh for hell's sake ANOTHER INTERRUPTION?!'s my grandson Green? Well why didn't you say so!"

Green was an arrogant little prick, and I can say that, because I'm writing the story. I didn't like him much anyways, and in all fairness he kind of deserves this treatment. I mean..I know I killed his ratatatatata and everything but he really didn't have to get in my way with saving the word. Oh? Spoilers? Then play the **** game it came out 14 years ago!"

"Hey PONG! Haha! I see you picked out your pikamen, guess I'll do the same." Green walked over to the table where pang grabbed her Charmander, "I pick squirtle, that way I can beat pang with ease!"
"Wow nice such great strategy and work ethic you lazy ****," pang whispered to herself.

"Now children, if I can even call you two that, would you like to give your POKEMON, which is how it is pronounced, a nickname?"
pang spoke up first, "Hmm...I'll name mine...Steve! After the almighty deity."
&quotang that isn't even a real god and...oh god what am I doing, like I'd get through to you. Anyways, Green, would you like to give Squirtle a nickname?"
"No way geezer! Nicknames are for losers!" Green laughed, while looking glancing towards pang.
"no u" pang retorted, alpha as ****.

"Well, now that you have your pokemon, it is time for you two to be on your way! Good luck! And remember what I told you."
pang began to leave, but then remembered something of great importance, "Umm..professor, aren't you going to give us some pokeballs or something so we can catch other parkmon?"
"Go pick me up something from the mart and then we'll talk."

And so the adventure beg-"Hey pang! Why don't we test out our new pookmons? It'll be fun!"

And fun it was...for pang. An easy match with plenty of scratching and tail-whipping, but alas pang was the better trainer. Leaving behind Green to wonder how he could be such a punk loser, pang quickly went back into the blinding light to start her journey.

And oh a journey it will be.

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