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So how does everyone like the new system for commenting on YouTube videos? Well, that is assuming you have a Google+ account. Otherwise you might as well not comment.
But hey, they did it for a reason! To cut down on trolls by making people use the G+ account tied to their real name! Providing that they don't make a G+ account with a false name. Yet who would do that?
Now, you can see comments that are from people in your circles and celebrities! I know, I know. Right now the top comments are just spambots, links to screamers, porn, ASCII spam and viruses. Who doesn't love that?

Who thought this system was ever going to be a good idea? The comments on YouTube weren't perfect, yet they were nowhere near this bad. In the old system, the character limit on comments kept people from posting stupid long and pointless spam messages. In the old system, you couldn't post links because of spambots, links to screamers, porn, ASCII spam and viruses. In the old system, you weren't notified of someone else responding to a comment to replied to.
As it is, my eardrums have almost been shattered by links to screamers. I've also seen more than my fair share as ASCII genitalia and mega-scroll spam. My inbox is being flooded with messages about someone not even replying to me. I wish I could just turn comments off all together and save myself the pain.

What do you all think?

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