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From my understanding, a communistic country is a country with currency, social status, and everybody is treated equal (sexual orientation, race, and religion doesn't matter, and everybody receives the same amount of food and shelter regardless of how much work they do.
What is the problem with this? Besides the fact that people would have no motivation to work (which could be remedied with prison), and people only doing the minimum amount of work to receive their food (which is what led the fall of communism), I think it would solve multiple problems in the government we currently have.
The only reason I can fathom for such hatred towards communism is that people who currently hold power within the government would no longer be able to keep their positions of power, and all of the rich people in the country would lose a massive amount of their income (leading to massive chaos, most likely).
However, what if we imagine that we could start a new country on an island. This island would have everything we could possibly need for thousands of people if rationed correctly. Communism would be the ideal government in this situation, wouldn't it? Everybody is treated equal, everybody gets the same amount of resources as everybody else, everybody works together to build a thriving country, everybody has a home, etc.. There will always be someone that will try to seize power/become corrupt in order to get more resources, etc.. That's inevitable in any government or society.
Why does most of the world (the United States in general) hate communism so much? There's no reason, other than greed.

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