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Path of Exile, Awesome

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Hey guys,

I'd like to introduce to a game I recently started playing. It's 100% free to play, and you can't pay to win. The only things you can buy with cash are vanity (i.e changes your appearance) or convenience (e.g. more inventory/stash space) items.


In Path of Exile you play a poor bugger that has been mistreated, betrayed, or simply hated because of something you did (depends on class). You get exiled to a godforsaken island where everything tries to kill you but you decide to kill them instead. There are 7 classes to choose from, 1 is locked until we clear Act 3 (I haven't cleared it either). She's called a Scion, and she seems to be a noblewoman hot chick who can use any type of attack (Str/Dex/Mag) well.

The game play seems highly inspired by Diablo 2 although the skill structure is completely different. Think of it as an upgraded Diablo 2 with better graphics and a twist.

Classes I have tried


My First character is a Witch. The Witch is basically the INT mage of this game. I tried to take a screenshot for you but it turned out all black, so here's something from the internet instead.

I wanted to make her a necromancer of sorts but that isn't going too well. My Zombies make good tanks that explode to do damage when they die, but I still need my lightning spells to do most (70%-80%?) damage. It would have been better if I had chosen to focus on being a blaster from the start, and focused less on these guys (the undead fams) with my passive skills.

I know a lot of people aren't going to listen, but as cool as a necro is, it isn't that strong. I didn't bother trying to do PVP duels because I know how weak she is.

IMPORTANT thing though, if you decide to walk this path, don't get Summon Skeleton. Never, ever, ever, ever do it. It drains a lot of mana to summon super fragile and useless skeletons that do virtually nothing but die crumble on their own after 20 seconds. Seriously, when you get Summon Skeleton as one of your quest reward choices, just choose something else - almost anything is better


Duelist is a warrior type character with high STR/DEX. He's quite strong (or at least I think so since I haven't lost a single duel using him yet even with lag). He dual wields like a boss and does very nice damage. (Again, not my screenshot. I don't know how to take them without the images turning black)

Well, you'll have to try him for yourself. It's a lot of good ol' hack and slash.


The shadow, is a ****ing ******. No really, he is. He is an DEX/INT Assassin that casts spells and stabs people to death. I made one for fun because I had spare equipment and gems (and also because I wanted to get the Summon Skeleton quest reward, GRRR), and he turned out even better than expected.

I use my Shadow to cast cold spells at a distance to slow enemies down, make them step on lightning traps close by, then I stab the bejeezus out of them if any remain. I can just as easily stab a few to death quickly then explode their corpses to make everyone die. So many possibilities when you do spell damage and melee damage.

The best part is, if your shadow uses a claw, he heals some life on every hit with appropriate skills. So far he has proven to be hard to kill by the monsters. For most characters, when your life is low, you run to stay alive. For Shadow, you hit them more!

He is truly exceptional and excels whether you're fighting a group of monsters or a single strong one.


That's all, folks. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed games like Diablo, WoW, DragonAge, etc, I think you're very likely to like Path of Exile too. If you're going to try it, remember to add me as a friend using my characters' names (American Server). I'll give you a hand when you're starting out.

Criseldea (Witch)
Eskard (Duelist)
ShadowedGem (Shadow)(Yes, I know it's a stupid name, I only made him so I could get the Summon Skeleton gem at first. What a dumb mistake.)

See you online.

(Post your character names here so other people can add you too.)


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Sorry, I think this is the wrong place to post this


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Actually, this is the right place to post your topic scythestorm... this is a MMORPG, so it fits this specific Forum best. =)


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Oh, ok. I thought this was only for the MMOs on Armorgames.


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Game is really great! Played a lot if it was in beta! And the Game has great Support! Not like armor games or Gamedp here :-)


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Yes it is. The amazing part is that they make their profit only off cosmetics now. It means free players are well protected

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