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Remember, if you use any of these, PLEASE give me credit...
These are also rough ideas, they don't go into much detail... :P
The kings of crime
Main characters: Johnny Smith (a.k.a.Lord) - Skinny white male age 24. Special characteristics: Very well under pressure. Able to sense and react to danger much faster than the normal human, its very useful, however its not perfect, there are ways around this to hurt Johnny.

Benny Jones (a.k.a.Raging Bull)- Buff black male age 30. Special characteristics: Very strong, stronger than an average professional weightlifter. His blind rage has put him in some bad situations, He is terrible at planning but makes up for it with his skills with blunt weapons such as a baseball bat, a crowbar, and anything he can get his hands on.

Plot- Lord and Raging Bull are living their lives in on and off schemes to get by. They go with nickle and dime cons until they decide to take down all law enforcement in the city and eliminate the group of bounty hunters after their heads named Scythe, after their leader's most favored way of killing captured targets, using a razor sharp, hot (cant think of the word, molten? idk...) scythe to slice off the targets limbs one by one, while burning the wounds shut so they don't bleed out. Bull and Lord always escape the traps they are put into but are finally pitted against each other when they are tricked by a Scythe spy portraying Bull's girlfriend. (whoever uses this idea can decide who wins the final fight, because i really couldn't decide)

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