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Feature proposal #5

Posted Dec 13, '13 at 4:59am



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I propose a new options within Friends list and Favorite games list.

-Management (control) options:
-Chronology (order)

First,reasons for something like this.

The current appearance:

Current rules:

Friends and games are sorted within the list by creation date!

The question arises:
What's in it for me?

Nothing,it just makes the work harder.

Now, lets get back to the reasons,shall we?

Such a system has no practical value.Such a system is not adapted
to the users needs.

I want to determine myself what are my priorities on these lists
and to adapt them by my own needs, and not to be imposed by the system.

In other words,there are friends with whom you frequently or more often communicate to, but there are also friends with whom you rarely or sometimes communicate to.Plus, for those who play MMO games,there are friends who are attached for the purposes of MMO gaming

And now the same thing,but only in relation to the games.If you have a lot of favorite games,and you're used to the layout (order on your profile),every next game that you add to the list can disrupt the order.

There are games that players play very often (MMO games)!
But, MMO game --> Newer date --> Last on the list --> result :many unnecessary clicks!

What do people do in these situations?
Mostly they remove the games from the list,in order to adjust the layout.

Well, I do not want to wipe out the games from my list,I just want to assign the order according to my own needs at that moment.But that does not mean that the situation will not change,on the contrary,with such a function,I could synchronize the sequence at any point.

It would look like this:


Posted Dec 13, '13 at 5:07am



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I was took part in myspace during the 90's. I know how a deliberately ranked friends system can cause all sorts of issues. Move someone from your number one to number three? Expect all hell to break loose. Remove someone from your top ten list entirely? They might as well be dead to you.

Maybe that's not even the real point of this but it seemed like it was part of it maybe? I'm tired...shhh.


Posted Dec 13, '13 at 6:40pm



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I was took part in myspace during the 90's.

Mmm myspace ;D Also I like the idea... Then I could push all the people I add for MMOs to the bottom as I don't do anything with them outside of the MMOs themselves.

Posted Dec 16, '13 at 11:50pm



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In first picture,I tried to click on Covert


Posted Dec 17, '13 at 5:43am



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[quote]In first picture,I tried to click on Covert]

Are you serious? LOL


Posted Dec 18, '13 at 8:19pm



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This could go one of three ways. People would either put me at the bottom of their friend list, at the top of their friend list, or somewhere in the middle.

I can't say I'm a fan of this idea in regards to friends, but for games it could definitely prove useful.


Posted Dec 19, '13 at 1:30am



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I hadn't really noticed this before, but the games are in fact in some kind of preset order when you click on the "All favorites" tab... and it's not just some random order, either, because not only are they always in the same order, but they follow certain ID patterns, separated only by what game category they fit under (?).

I need some clarification on the details of this pattern... if it goes too long I'll drive myself insane! =P

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