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What is the hardest quest you achieved? Or what is the hardest Quest on the entire gaming site? Explain why.

The hardest Quest I have achieved:
Right in the Middle- Beat field G7 Gemcraft Labyrinth
Because the game takes forever to beat and the levels are hard. So it took a lot of dedication to complete.

Hardest Quest on AG:
Terminus- Beat all levels Bubble Tanks Tower Defence
This one is very time consuming and many of the levels are challenging. I plan to beat it in the future but we'll see what happens.

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No, they don't want it HERE. You're in WRONG TOPIC.

Thread is about hardest quests, including RotD2 mutant meltdown, I fail to see how giving tips on how to beat these quests is off topic.

Piss off, cheater. From now on I'm ignoring u.

You have yet to present any evidence that I am or have ever hacked a game.

~~~Darth Caedus
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