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Posted Dec 23, '13 at 11:04pm



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Greetings im new in this kind of things, i really like armor games because of his quality games but there is a big problem in the page, i was searching games in another pages like: bubblebox, minijuegos, kongregate, crazymonkey, mousecity, etc. And i found a lots of really good games in each one of the pages and i was thinking in ask about that: why dont you copy put that games first than the other pages?


Posted Dec 23, '13 at 11:08pm



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There is already a thread for.. something like this.


Posted Dec 23, '13 at 11:42pm



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Well #1 welcome to AG! For game suggestions go here: Suggest Here
Also If you would like to directly connect with the Commanding Officer of the Game/design of games talk to ADMIN Tass @Tasselfoot

Also if you want to more privately discuss with him his email:

The person who can answer almost any questions is ADMIN ferret @ferret
He can help he is like community relations.

Again Welcome and contact Tasselfoot and or Ferret.



Posted Dec 25, '13 at 4:40am



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Hello and welcome to Armor Games! :]

If you are looking to make a suggestion about Armor Games you should post it in the News, Feedback, and Suggestions forum section (not the Newcomers Forum section) :]

I'm not quite certain what you are getting at? If you could clarify. :]

As Blackbeltr0 has already said, if you want certain games to be added to the Armor Games website, then you should post those games in this thread, What Games Do You Want To See On ArmorGames?

And, also as Blackbeltr0 has already said, you can contact Ferret or Tasselfoot for more help.

Hopefully that helps :]


Posted Dec 25, '13 at 7:30am



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why dont you copy

These sites of course work with a plan on what they wish to present, and then enter into agreements with game makers and their sites and so on.

So it isn't a simple matter of Hey this looks neat, let's copy that at will.
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