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I apologize in advance for this.


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The entire concept is based on a "Speech Nirvana" where no one ever says anything that could hurt anyone else's feelings, ever. It snowballed and is still snowballing to the point that I honestly don't know if what I say hurts someone else's feelings. Anything, with enough bias and persistence, can be offensive to SOMEONE somewhere.

The very last line is actually a very good point. I've actually seen plenty of satirical writings that poke at this flaw of being PC by having someone go about their day completely normal, and then get yelled at for some absolutely mundane act they did that one conceived as being offensive towards a certain group.

(i.e. walking while someone nearby is in a wheelchair, mentioning how delicious ice cream is while someone nearby is lactose intolerant, etc.)

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The concept is very rapidly both eliminating freedom of speech and causing people to constantly question everything they say. Some people have been sued and taken to court for nothing more than an accidental side comment that shouldn't have offended anyone over 13. It quite literally boils down to an old saying:

"The love of money is the root of all evil."

You can make a buck and get a moment in the sun by getting "offended" and going public. You can also get elected by trying to stop everyone from saying unkind things. Personally, I think if everyone just dropped the subject and moved on with their lives, it would become less of a problem.

In an interview with Mike Wallace, Morgan Freeman stated that he disliked "Black History Month" because it isolated black people ("Black history is American history"). My favorite line from the interview applies to our topic as well.

WALLACE: How are we going to get rid of racism until ...?

FREEMAN: Stop talking about it.

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