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Do you think "being politically correct" is really "correct"?

One aspect, race: it seems to have moments of illogical designation to the different kinds of people. African American, for example, is a misnomer, asserting that said person is of African descent but is of American upbringing or nationality. The person could just as easily be from the UK, or somewhere in mid-Asia.
Speaking of Asia, we have the designation of "Asian" for one of such ethnic background, and properly so. However, then comes the issue with one from India (one example. There is also the Middle East and Russia), a land within Asia. Now if you take the viewpoint of it being it's own landmass separate of that of the rest of Asia due to it's much more obvious differences amongst itself than the rest of the Asian cultures, then of course the idea of separating their designation becomes obvious. But then why just stop at India?
If we do not take such viewpoint, then why call those from India "Indians" instead of the "Asian" as we do for those that come from other parts of the continent...spare Middle East and most of Russia.

Also, it seems being &quotc" seems to take the stance against joking about with other people of different groups due to the stigma behind certain jokes and/or joking manners. Why not allow people to understand that when one jokes, it is what it is at face value, a joke...and then allow the people to come together with mutual acceptance of one another with the freedom of these light-hearted jokes?

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