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Need environments, backgrounds, character art, or just assets, such as buttons and icons, for your flash movie or flash game? Or a drawing for own personal enjoyment.

Hi, I'm Sinead Davis, and I'm a student currently attending art school; I'm studying sequential art (cartooning) video game design, and animation development, with my main focus being in visual development/conceptual illustration. Comics, storyboarding, and illustration (digital and traditional) are also other focuses that I'm currently practicing in my spare time.

As an artist, I'm seeking other flash game and/or movie developers who are interested in a collaboration, either for resume-building experience, just or for fun.

Here are the services I can provide for those interested:

-Concept Art (traditionally drawn/digitally drawn)
*Props (weapons/items/etc.)

-Game Images/Assets (mostly vector drawn)

-Misc./Promotional (varies)
*Character/Environment Promotional Art
*Comics/Comic strips

**At this time, I can't provide any animations, due to my busy schedule.

More examples of my artwork can be found here:

[url= ] (Features mostly older work, process work, and other examples of work not found in my portfolio)
[url= ] (My current portfolio, still updating)

If you're interested, I also take commissions outside of flash graphics. If you have any questions, you can reply, message me, or contact me through email: .

Thanks for reading this!

(Sample Work)

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All I got is WOW. dude, make some Armatures!
That is amazing, So you are looking for payed Commissions?
Looks like you will easily get


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As a digital artist myself (who makes no money but loves it), I am seriously impressed. You have a very solid grasp on curves and cast shadows to show volume. I also like your color style. I work entirely in black-and-white, both digitally and in real life because I HATE COLOR and COLOR HATES ME.

Anyway. I offer you a challenge. Draw Matthias Angel.

Matt is an early-20's Caucasian male with dark brown hair and black eyes. He traditionally wears a grey hoodie, dark blue shaggy jeans and sneakers (dark grey with white soles) that have no laces. His current trademark is a grey baseball cap (same color as his hoodie) turned backwards and angry eyebrows, and he usually looks unamused.

Here he is in his most basic form:

The Challenge: Re-draw Matt in your own style and in color. Add shading and shine (if needed) to give him volume. Give him a background (a living room and a couch are fine). Poses and facial expressions are up to you.

Feel free to draw Amie, his friend, as well. She currently has no decided hair or eye color, but she is also Caucasian. She wears a black shirt and light-blue jeans (unsure about sneaker color). Here's a rough full-body sketch:

And a close-up of Matt (his hair is slicked back when he's not wearing his hat), along with Amie:

Leave a message on my Profile if you have questions or if you're not interested. I'm unfamiliar with paying on commission, but I could always send you an Amazon gift card or something, depending on the results.

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Here's my pricing:
Commission Pricing
Line art and Sketches (Pencil or Digital)
(B&W or Grayscale Rendering)
*Portrait: $6.00 US
*Full Body: $12.00 US
~(Including an environment/setting: +$5.00)
~(Additional character: +$2.00)

Colored (Digital)
*Portrait/Full Body
-Flat Colors: $12.00US
-Cell-shading: $14.00US
-Soft-shading: $16.00US
-Painterly: $20.00US
~Including environment/setting:+$10.00
~Additional characters:+$5.00

Traditional Mediums
-Watercolor: $25.00US
-Chalk Pastel: $35.00US
-Charcoal/Conte/Chalk: $30.00US
-Ink/Inkwash: $20.00US

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Have you made any money from your work so far?

Also, like I said, I'm unfamiliar with PayPal. I've never used it before, so you'd have to tell me how to go about it.

Having said that, how about a cell-shading full body of Amie? I assume it'll be in HD? If you crop out her head and shoulders and refine it a bit as a second file, I'll pay you $15.00.

In other words, see my full-body sketch of Amie? Re-draw it in cell-shade (proportionally accurate and more comfortable, because her current pose isn't done very well). She's 5'10, if that helps. Gold-brown eyes. Blonde hair with light brown streaks, just below shoulder length. Make sure to include the two short spikes at the top of her left eye where the hair splits. Shirt is black, pants are light-blue jeans, shoes are light grey with white soles, necklace is a dog tag on a silver chain and earrings (two rings in each ear) are also silver.

Once it's done, crop and copy her portrait and zoom it in to the size of the second sketch (of her and Matt). If it's blurry, touch it up a little so it's clean. That shouldn't be too difficult, and it'll net an extra dollar. Otherwise I would just crop and clean it myself on my iPad.

If you need any more information, let me know here or on my profile.

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Not a problem! Also, here's a link on how to used pay someone with paypal (for first time users).

Hope that helps. One last thing: is there any specific image file format that you want once your illustrations are complete? I usually save finished files as high-resolution jpegs or pngs.

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high-res JPEGs are the best. I'll check out the link and I'll keep an eye on my profile.

Actually, just email me if you have questions and when you're done as an attachment.

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You look like you would be great for my new game. Here's the model:
Positions needed:
- 1 Artists
- I will do all the story line keeping it as accurate to history as possible.
View: The game will be in birds eye view with a slight angle.
Game objective:
You are a king in medieval times. You start off with a small kingdom that consists of wooden walls, small wooden castle, tavern, barracks, storage cabins, 8 lodges (for the population), town hall and of coarse farms surrounding the village. Each of these buildings serve a purpose and are all upgradable:
Wooden walls: Gives defence points.
Small wooden castle: Protects you and your loot.
Tavern: Makes money from the towns people but also costs money to run it. It also serves as a place for visitors to stay the night.
Barracks: Train soliders, scouts, and horses.
Storage cabins: Place to keep logs, rocks, beer, ect.
Town hall: Call meetings, manage taxes (taxes influences the population) look at maps to help find other castles and villages.
Farms: Make food and raise cattle like horses.
You as a player can expand the village. Each building will take up a certain number of blocks ( I.E. town hall might be 10Ã-5 blocks but a wooden fence might be 2Ã-1 blocks.) In order to expand you can destroy your existing walls and make them go out farther. If there is trees in the way you can cut them down and they will get saved in your storage for later use same goes for rocks.
In order to see other villages and the area directly around you you must sound out scout groups. Once they spot another village or castle you can do 1 of several things. you can attack by surprise, you can ask to be allies, ask to be trading partners, or just let them be and hope they donât find you. once you have contacted them you can cut down trees and make a road to the new found village or castle.
If you attack the battles will be a lot like this

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Hey guys,

This guy took my offer, and the result looks great. I can personally recommend him. Took him a while, though, but artists procrastinate. Haha. If I get a chance, I'll post it to an Armatar contest (with his name attached).

Best of luck to you!

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