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Battle Conquest not working

Posted Jan 4, '14 at 11:46pm



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Please get them to fix it!!!!!


Posted Jan 5, '14 at 8:30pm



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my GOODNESS sir!
let me just jump to the issue at hand, and leap into my obvious hotline directly to the developers, and tell them about this HORRENDOUS issue that needs fixing RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, that you haven't showed proof of, or even told even the simplest form of explanation!

what i mean, hidden behind my splendid verbature and simply smashing sarcastic text is:
'what the diddle dack paddiwack hoo-haw are you talking about'


Posted Jan 14, '14 at 6:17am



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seems to be working fine for me (firefox user). if your on chrome though, they seem to have a workaround for performance issues

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