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Important Legislation (Healthcare Reform)

Posted Jan 10, '14 at 2:59am



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... Wait, you're talking about universal healthcare.


The Rest of what jeoy said

Aye, but nevertheless it is a step in the right direction, albeit the direction being straight and our direction being about 75 degrees away from it, but it's better than going backwards...or standing still.

We are getting the idea down, just not the details that make the idea work.

This thread was supposed to be a Tavern thread, but then our dear friend, a Mod, decided to place this thread where it didn't belong... I'm not going to point fingers (I'm looking at you, Framl

Should be pointed out that this thread is discussing politics...and Tavern isn't about dem politics.

Posted Jan 10, '14 at 10:18am



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Communism, or a system shown to be successful in many other advanced countries?

Pray, do give examples, good sir, do not just leave us in such a cliffhanger.

The system is a tax, not a God-given right as countries with universal healthcare laws instate. Unfortunately.

Aye, my good sir.

Should be pointed out that this thread is discussing politics...and Tavern isn't about dem politics.

Never mind. You have too little of a soul and too cold, hard, and unforgiving a heart to understand.

Posted Jan 15, '14 at 12:01pm



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Good, now we just have to force the pharmaceutical companies to publish the hidden trial data.


Posted Jan 16, '14 at 1:24am



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In the 16 century, the punishment for mugging was a death penalty and your all your belongies whould be taken by the state. So many highway mans prefered to suicide, this way they couldnt be charged and there money would remine in their family possetion. Therefore, by making suicide illegal, the kingdome could take your possetion even if you suicide.

Make sense isnt it?

And i dont understand why you are so against these reforms Nilo. If you break your arm, do you have enough money to pay for it? Or have an apendecities? Do you have the money to pay for it, with the extreme billing of the greedy private hospitals of yours?!

And if someone who work as a street cleaner get his arm broken, you say he need to die at the street from infection because he cant afford to be healed?!

What next, make the water private? Or maybe ser the police private as well. You pay an out kf proportions price to call a cop, and if you cant afford it you need to die.


Posted Jan 21, '14 at 11:53am



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Can people post examples of topics brought about by the new healthcare reform they'd like to talk about? It seems awfully vague. I like how it's changed to where people who are pipelining through school can stay on their parent's insurance until they're finally done around the time they could get a doctorate degree (26ish), but I don't really know all that much about the other points or what is really being brought about in order to discuss it. Ain't no body got time to read that crazy 10000000000 page law!!!

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