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Raze 2 sniping guide for default sniper rifle.

Posted Jan 18, '14 at 7:01pm



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Since the sniper rifle is pretty inaccurate, it makes it harder to head shot (which is the default sniper rifle's specialty). pressing 'crouch' makes aim for long distance shots more accurate. The player should find the target and have the desired target in the center of their cross hair, then the crouch must be quickly be pressed released and the player must fire. This in-turn makes it much more versatile in combat. A good person with the sniper (and a whole lot of ammo / resupply skill) can dominate the battlefield, provided said person is able to do this with every kill. This method has proved very useful for me, as my biggest kill-streak for the sniper alone is 10.


Posted Jan 18, '14 at 8:22pm



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