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Recently, both EA and Microsoft/Machinima have been caught paying YouTubers to speak positively about their products. EA's deal was that the YouTuber makes 10 per a thousand video views, and all they had to do was say good things about EA's products (Battlefield, Need for Speed, Madden, ex), not focus on glitches or bugs within the games and to keep the deal secret. Microsoft's was very similar, only differing in the product (the Xbox One) and the price (3-5 dollars per thousand views). Here is a video that explains it a little bit more in-depth
So I'm curious, how does think make you feel? Will this affect you and your purchasing of games/consoles? Do you consider this to be a big deal, or is this just another one of those common, shady advertising methods that no one cares about? Me personally, I don't like how these companies are taking advantage of YouTubers who need a few extra bucks. It isn't fair to us, the consumers, as most of us look from as much information as possible for buying it and now a large portion of that could be fake.

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