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Welcome folks. Please, sit down. Look at the tale I will tell you. A story of horror, a story of struggle, a story of redemption, and a story of friendship.

The Chronicles Of Minotaur is the prequel to Way Of Continuation, and is the origin story of the Minotaur (the character, not myself; contains some events that have happened in my life).

Every Saturday I will upload a chapter. I will now show you the first chapter of the story. Please comment and give reviews/thoughts/questions.


375 AD: The hubris of Minos, the king of Crete, was to put into motion a series of events that would consume all of Greece along with himself. It all began one day, when Minos refused to sacrifice his most prized bull to Poseidon, the god of the sea. Enraged that a mortal, a lesser being, defied the rule of a god, Poseidon cast a spell on Minosâs daughter, making her lust for the prized bull. Minos knew nothing of this⦠not until what had happened that day, the day the first Minotaur was born. Minos, startled at Poseidonâs wrath, ordered the creation of the most daunting and monstrous thing ever to be built: The Labyrinth. Deep in the center of Crete, the Labyrinth was built, forsaking the islands greatest sculptor in the process. The Minotaur, just a child then, was bound to a life in this prison. For years he feasted on the flesh of those he never wished harm on. But the Minotaur was not without hope. Before his death, a deal was made with an unknown woman, to spawn a new series of men. But whyâ¦

Chapter 1: Asunder

It was a large room. Massive, yet small. Prison like. This was no ordinary prison however, for when you think you have escaped, youâve only plunged yourself deeper and deeper into the shadows. This was the Labyrinth, home to the Minotaur. ÎινÏÏαÏ...ÏÎ¿Ï Ïο ÏενÏηκοÏÏÏ ÏέμÏÏο was his name, commonly translated to Minotaur The Fifty Fifth. This dark maze had been his home for years. Dark, gloomy, mysterious, yet somehow safe, homey, and protecting. He had never seen sunlight but has seen light peek from the corners of the walls of his poorly made prison. The walls were made of various materials, such as steel, copper, wood, and in some areas a tin like substance. Everything was familiar yet new to him, making life not as empty as it should be.

He looked into a puddle of water he commonly used as a mirror and noticed something, his horns were growing bigger! Nearly one foot long on each side, and almost a complete milky white to suit his black coat of fur. He was very tall as well. He was so tall he had to hunch over when he walked in the dark maze. And he was quite muscular. He learned to grow pride in his physical condition, something that his father had in himself at a time. In his mind he thought âIf only my mother could see me nowâ¦â.

Every 15 year, the descents of Theseus come and murder 1 Minotaur, making the lifespan of a male Minotaur no more than 15 years. Women however are lucky, they can live up to 30 years untouched. The Minotaur race will never die however. Poseidon uses the Minotaurs as an example of his wrath, the curse of eternal ****ation. ÎινÏÏαÏ...ÏÎ¿Ï Ïο ÏενÏηκοÏÏÏ ÏέμÏÏο knew this, and wasnât afraid of death. If anything, he was looking forward to his end. Living his life, living through all he had seen, he would gladly leave it all behind.

He walked around in the Labyrinth, seeing what he could find. Seeing if there were something he could do for the day. He usually would polish the walls with water and scrape off rust with his nails or some shards of metal he could find. âMaybe today I could make something. A tool perhaps. Something that wonât hurt my nails. A scraper of some typeâ¦â he thought. It took him a while to get to the room to clean for the day, but he found it, and some shards of metal. He took the shards and tried to combine the two but pressing them against each other really hard. No good. So he took the shards, put them on the floor, and smashed them with his feet. No food. After stomping on the shards for a while he eventually gave up. âWhy wont you combine?! WHY?!â he screamed in his mind. He eventually kept stomping in the shards, this time out of anger.

The young Minotaur heard a crack come from the wall, the sounds of the cracks echoed throughout the Labyrinth, creating a disturbing rattle that continued for a while. In seconds, the wall fell down and the young Minotaur was blinded by the light of day. He couldnât see and attempted to flee, but hit his head while doing so. He eventually hit his head again and grew unconscious and fell to the ground hard. When he awoke it was nighttime and he could see somewhat. Rubbing his head he moved towards the cracked wall and noticed something in the rubble. He reached over to the pile and moved shards of rock, metal, and wood out of the pile, and in it was a small rectangular object that opened and contained strange symbols. âWhat is this?â he thought. He looked at the massive hole in the wall and noticed something he had never seen before. Freedom. Beyond the rubble were things he had never seen, things he couldnât describe. He ran far from the sight in fear, never looking behind. Before he knew it, he was lost in his own home.

Catching his breath, he sat and looked at this object. It beard a cover that felt the same as skin and had the symbol of a bull. What was this? Who did this? Questions leading to more questions. It was unbearable. He flipped the object around and saw the back. It had strange markings on it. What did it mean? He didnât know. He didnât like the feel of it as well. It felt⦠weird. Inside, he felt he knew he had to know what it meant. Maybe someone wants to help him. But why...

More sounds came from the Labyrinth, but this was a sound he knows. The sound of the gates of the Labyrinth opening. Could it be? Could it be the descents of Thesus, come to take him just the same as his mother? The boy stepped away from the light from the gates opening, clutching the strange thing he was holding. âWhat if I use the opening I found earlier? What if I can make it out of here alive! And be free!â he thought. But where was that opening? He began running in circles like crazy in thought and as he did he slipped and fell, and when he did, the strange thing opened and he saw something he had never seen before. Something that he learned to name. As he looked at the strange thing, it beared a map. A map of the labyrinth and a escape route. It was the same place the crack in the wall was.

Without hesitation, he looked at the map and walked around the labyrinth. He later heard the sounds he had heard the day of his mothers death, the sounds of sharpening metal. Fear filled his mind as he tried to escape the light, leading to his doom.

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11/10 would read again.

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12/10 Already read again.

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13/10 Will read when I get back to dorm.

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14/10 will read again in a couple of seconds.

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I've moved the posting date to whenever I feel like. So yeah... here is the second and third chapter of the story.

Chapter 2: Fear in Freedom

Left, right, straight ahead, nothing left is their. Left, right, straight ahead, nothing left is their. This became a pattern he did when looked at the strange thing. It drove him nuts. He had done this nearly 5 times and he saw no improvement in where he was going. The more he walked the closer the sounds of sharpening metal came to him. He was almost paralyzed at the thought of death, but in a way angry about it. So close yet so far had always been his life. Never having control. Could it be that he wonât make it? Is it possible that these men will attack him and end him, slowly and painfully? Just as the thought crossed his mind he hit his head at a familiar sight. He was no more than three steps away from the broken wall. With glee in his heart he stepped outside and noticed the bright and shining moon. It wasnât as bright as the light that had blinded him, so at least he could see. The sounds still came closer and closer so he ran far away from the labyrinth, not looking back. He was still holding the strange object he found because he was curious to see what else it had.

He ran for about 3 hours till he had to stop and get some water. There was a cave and a small pond where he was so he decided to take a rest. The water tasted terrible so he didnât drink too much of it. But he did look at the strange object for a while. He had his finger on his chin and stared at the book for minutes on end, in thought, till he decided to touch it. To his surprise, it moved! But of course, that was because he poked it rather hard. Like a child poking something it had never seen before. He opened the book and to his surprise, there were more symbols. He had no idea what they meant, but he knew it was something important. He touched the page and dragged his finger a bit, and another white page appeared. He did it again, and again, and again, and it just never stopped. So many symbols drove him mad. He got so frustrated he threw the object at the wall and started kicking it. Strangely, the thing still stood, though it was damaged. He knew his anger had got the best of him, so he just decided to go to bed. âMaybe answers will come in the morning.â he thought. So he made a nice burrow, and went fast to sleep.

In the morning he woke up to a blinding light. He couldnât really see where he was going and was very aggravated so he started swirling in circles while screaming. He screamed like a little girl but he was still frustrated and vulnerable, making him dangerous in a sense.

âWhat is that thing? Look at this. Dammit Alexander stop looking at the telescope, its daytime! You canât see the planets!â an old woman said.
âWoman donât bother me, I - â¦. is that a Minotaur, screaming like a little girl and running in circles?â the man asked the old woman.
âThat or Iâve been smoking too much of this grass man.â the old woman said.

He circled until he fell down, very dizzy from spinning. He just opened his eyes and let them adjust to sunlight. His eyes teared a bit and it took him awhile, but he did adjust, and went back to the cave to pick up the strange object he brought with him. âThis is all so strange. Why? Why help a man⦠a monster ⦠that youâve never met before?â. Question, questions. It was questions that drove his mother mad. Those days were so sad. He could not dwell on those days however. It would only make his life harder.

He looked at the plains and fields of grass and straw, endless yet pleasant. Something he never felt before. He saw a colony, a village, of people. He had a choice to make. Either stay where he is and be hunted, or move on. âItâs time to take controlâ he thought. He continued forth to the small town where he was hoping to get some answers.

Chapter 3: I donât speak Inglechs!!! Wat r u sayin to mei?!

It took a very long time for him to arrive at the village. Seemingly hours having to descend from the mountain and into the plains of Crete. When he arrived a large amount of islanders got excited at his approach, they welcomed him into the village.

âWelcome! It is a pleasure to meet you!â A villager said.
âWat?â the Minotaur said.
âWelcome.â the villager repeated.
âErrm⦠Î"εια και Ïε Ïέναâ the Minotaur said, very confused.
âCome on man, itâs the year 475. We donât speak Greek. The ******* man?!â the villager said with a smirk, walking away.

The Minotaur was confused but proceeded forward. In the village there were symbols on houses made of straw, symbols similar to the ones in his book. He didnât touch it or look at it, for he didnât want people to notice it. He nodded when villagers stared at him. He felt very uncomfortable but ignored that feeling, he had questions that needed answers. Villagers guided him to a small hut that had a man inside, looking at the same thing the Minotaur was holding. Could he have the answers?

âGo in. He is your friend.â the villager said, smiling.

The Minotaur stepped in the hut, shy and very conserved.

âΧαίÏεÏε.â the minotaur said.
âDude, we donât speak greek here man dafuq.â the philosopher said.
âI donât speak inglesch.â the minotaur said.
âYouâre speaking English! And it is pronounced English!â the philosopher yelled.
âWhat. No Iâm not.â the minotaur said, aggravated.
âThen how can I understand you?â the philosopher.
â... I donât know, this author is weird.â

Umm⦠I got lost in the story. Anyways, the two eventually get into a fist fight and the philosopher got a black eye but thatâs beside the point. Eventually they got drunk and laughed it off while smoking some wee - incense. They were smoking incense. The natural kind that doesnât get you high.

2 Hours Laterâ¦

âHahaha *hick* you know when I first met you I thought you were a duch but youâre pretty cool man.â the minotaur said, completely intoxicated.
âI think you meant to say ******. And your awesome too! Look at those horns!â the philosopher said.
âI love you man! *cries*â the minotaur said, having a catch in his throat.

Just so you know, this is a no homo case. Lets just skip back to the plot. Maybe then youâll stop raging at the innuendo.

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That was.....interesting, to say the least.

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I agree with pieguy. I'm still not entirely sure what happened... but that will be a problem for later XD.

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This is awesome Mino, but... This turned from an epic quest for answers, to smoking weeeee- *cough* incest. All I can say is...


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This is awesome Mino, but... This turned from an epic quest for answers, to smoking weeeee- *cough* incest. All I can say is...

Uuuuummmm.... I'm going to ignore that and keep the compliment.

I agree with pieguy. I'm still not entirely sure what happened... but that will be a problem for later XD.

All will be explained in the chapters to come. Please note that Chapter 2 and 3 contained several plot errors that were in the rough draft model of the story. A new and edited version of these chapters have been made. If anyone would like to see them please let me know.

Chapter 4: The Venture

He looked at the mountains that held his former home. It seemed so far yet it was closer than he had thought. Deep down he knew that Greece would no longer be a safe place for him. The thought made him shudder, but he knew this was no time to deny the truth.

âI have something you need to see.â the philosopher said to the Minotaur, walking away with a stern facial expression.
âWhere are you taking me?â
âItâs not about where I am taking you, but about what I am going to show you.â

The Philosopher sat the Minotaur down on the floor, for his weight was too much for the flimsy straw chairs and furniture. The Philosopher looked through papers, a large pile of scripts written in Greek in the Creten dialect. He found a paper and read it for a long while. These papers looked like the things inside his strange object.

The Minotaur picked up that strange object he brought with him.

âSir, umm⦠whatâs your name?â the Minotaur asked.
âGresoir. My name is Gresoir.â the man replied, continuing to read the paper.
âWhat is this?â the Minotaur asked pointing towards the object he held.
âA book.â
âA book?â
âYes a book.â
âWhatâs a book?â
âThey contain knowledge. This book I made and gave to you.â

The Minotaur thought. It didnât take him long to think that this may have been a setup, something to trap him if I left the labyrinth.

âWait. YOU did this?!â the Minotaur growled.
âNow⦠donât get mad. Iâm your friendâ¦â Gresoir said, backing away.

The Minotaur grabbed the man by his neck and pressed him against the hut, almost moving the whole hut completely and tipping it over.

âI⦠*cough* I know you may think this is *cough* a very bad thing I did but I had no choiceâ the man said, coughing up blood because the pressure around his neck was too much to bear against the Minotaurs strength.
âWhy did you do it?â the Minotaur growled.
âTo freâ¦.â
âTo free your kind!â

The Minotaur let the man down. It took him a while to catch breath but when he finally did he was a bit dizzy, but managed to walk normally.

âWe⦠donât approve of what Poseidon did to your people.â the philosopher answered.
âItâs been 100 years since the first Minotaur. The people hated him, cast him away from society as a monster. Then the time came where the Minotaur had a child of his own. How? I donât know - but the gods are using the Minotaur as some sort of control over the people. They control them through fear. I saved you because your kind donât deserve it. They deserve freedom. And that is what I am giving you.â
âThe gods? Who are they?â

Gresoir gulped before he spoke his words.

âOlympus. The place where the gods live and control men through fear and hubris.â the philosopher.
âThey donât sound like theyâve been doing their job.â the minotaur grunted.

âTell me more about this book.â the minotaur said.
âThe book was given to you to assist you on journeys that may come. But it is only a piece to a much larger puzzle. You know about puzzles, donât you?â Gresoir asked.
The Minotaur only nodded and looked at the floor.
âI need you to take your book, and these papers, and see my brother in Athens, Greece. There is a community of people there dedicated to making you and any other of your kind safe.â
âThere are others?!â the minotaur asked
âYes. They are waiting.â the philosopher answered.

The philosopher came closer to the Minotaur and said only a few words in a whispered tone.

âListen to me. To find the people who are willing to help say the word âPulcifaâ and they will point you to the right direction. When you go to the city, talk to my brother. He will educate you in everything you need to know to survive. Pankration, how to read, how to write. Astronomy, philosophy, physics. Everything.â

The Minotaur knew why he whispered. It was only a matter of time before descents came.

âGo young one. Walk in the light.â

The Minotaur was sent off, alone, unarmed, and with no money to go to Athens, Greece. It was only a matter of time before he would be followed. So he moved swiftly. And followed on his adventure, he was indeed.
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So far, I like the concept and plot of the story. Your writing is good as well! There were a few grammatical errors but I can forgive them. After all, I too make A LOT of mistakes. Keep on writing. I am anxious to know what's going to happen next!

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