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In another dimension, there were 2 men in a room that looked like an ordinary meeting room, except it was incredibly dark. But the men didn't need a light, as they've adapted to seeing in the dark for centuries. The men were sitting at a small square table in the middle of the very large room, besides the table and the door, there was basically nothing in the room.

"Today is finally the Day of Awakening." Speaks one of the men, he was wearing a black buisness suit with a red tie, that wasn't all there was about him though. He had curly horns, like a ram, on his head, in a field of black wavy hair.

"Finally time to kill one of the last leaders of that horrid dimension." Says the other man, he also wore a black suit but the tie was white. He looked just like a normal human being.

"Who will do the killing?" Asks the horned man.

"I'll do it this time." Says the non-horned man.

"You? I haven't seen you kill before."

"How do you think I got to this dimension and got to the top tier?"

"Fair enough." The horned man says with a sigh. "When shall you go?"

"Now." A portal, pulsing black and red colors suddenly opens up on the non-horned man's side of the room. The man walked to the portal slowly, as if he wasn't in a hurry, which he was. He enters the portal.

The portal opened to the front door of a building in white, it looked like a mix between a house and a bank. There was a fence surrounding the building, there was a sign at the gate that says "White House". Fortunately the man was already at the door so there was no need to pass the fence.

"Excuse me. What are you doing here?" There was a man with a flashlight and a 37mark laser pistol in a holster. The back of his shirt read security "You're not supposed to be in-" The man took out a curved knife with markings on it and stabbed the guard. The guard fell over, dead.

The man knew he had to work fast now. But thanks to his father, he knew exactly how to get in without being spotted. There was a lamp hanging on a chain next to the door, the man twisted the chain and a secret door opened on a wall next to the front door. The man went in, bringing the body of the guard with him. He made sure to close the door behind him and continue doing his job.

The man traveled along a white walled tunnel, with thick carpets to make sure no footsteps would be heard, for only about a minute, before going to a door that led to the bedroom of the leader. The man turned the knob and entered the room, walking slowly to be sure no footsteps would be heard. The leader was sleeping in a king sized bed with blankets made from Egypt silk, to keep him cozy. This wasn't a hard task as the man could have killed him easily then and there, but he had to make sure no blood was released from the leader. The man took out a specialized dart, contained with a disease that would kill him instantly. The man knew his time was getting shorter by the minute, so he just straight up stabbed the leader with the dart. After feeling no hear beat from the leader, he took the body and carried it with him to the secret door.

The next day at the White House, a man who looked just like the leader, was getting ready to the speech of all-time.

Hello children and welcome to Single Minded 2: The Son. This game is in the year 3073, so it'll be more advanced in technology. As you can tell, there are going to be 2 dimensions, so there will be plenty of fun to do in this sequel of Single Minded.

You're free to roam about but there are things to be aware of, and that is the rules:
1. Don't be a jerk. Don't start arguing with me because, an enemy is not dead even though you shot them. Don't be mean to other players playing the game because they want to play, not watch someone throw a tantrum.

2. Don't change things in your character sheet. Pretty simple, the only time you can add something is if I forgot to give you an item or something to that effect.

3. You can't be invincible or heal yourself(unless you're an elemental(except for ground and air)) and no time travel.

And that should be all the rules.

Character sheet:

Name: (anything you want)
Age: (13 - 40)
GenderMale or Female)
BioYour character's story)(It will also help me think of stories, plus the amnesia thing in the last game got old) (If you have nothing then you will have amnesia)
Looks: (Your hair color, skin color, etc.)
Powers: (Maximum of 2 powers(Depending on what you choose))
Level: 1
XP: 0/10
HP: 100/100
Inventory: N/A
Partner: N/A

You need to choose where you wish to start off, either on your first day at prison, some random day at prison, or escaping from the cops from a recent crime. If you'd like to start someplace else then please tell me where you would like that to be.

If you have any questions please ask and hopefully I didn't forget anything.(I probably did)

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