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Posted Feb 9, '14 at 5:38am



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Evidently it seems what I said may have been a bit...mean.

To which I say: good. People are far too afraid to give criticism in the AMW now-a-days. Everyone wants to jump on the compliment train instead of telling a person what they did wrong or what to improve on (which in turn helps them grow). You aren't helping a person by constantly telling them how great their stuff is following it up with "keep it up!".
Instead, actually, y'know, CRITICIZE. Just because you criticize a work doesn't mean you **** all over it.

But..back to my post. I'm not hip on the technical aspects of drawing, not like Bronze. But what I can say is...this "art" with using MS paint and playing around with the shapes until you get a random picture that has the allure of 2deep4u, it is self-defeating towards your artistic cause and your artistic integrity. The imaginative effort goes from the creation of the art to the creation of why what was created should be considered art.

But, of course, at the end of the day this is just my opinion. I frankly find it a good one, but..still an opinion.


Posted Feb 9, '14 at 5:42am



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Anyway...a much better upgrade over Paint for you to experiment with. I don't think the later versions are free yet.


Posted Feb 9, '14 at 11:47pm



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Art is a thing which makes us happy. It can be of any type...

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